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We are a Polish manufacturing company that has been operating in the furniture industry for 30 years. Our products find their recipients in many places around the world. So far, we have sold over 300,000 products to 19 countries on all continents and we are constantly expanding the scope and directions of our deliveries. From the beginning of the company's existence, we have wanted the quality, functionality and flexibility of the solutions we propose to be what distinguishes us on the market. Our offer is constantly developing and tailored to the individual needs of our customers, and our flagship product are wall-mounted chairs.

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Our foldable seat appeared in one of our furniture lines intended for halls and was immediately appreciated by the recipients. It has received many industry awards, including: Furniture Diamond and the Meble Plus Product of the Year award. It is a product recommended for rooms with special utility and communication requirements, in both private and public interiors. Space saving, easier maintenance of order and safety, aesthetic form and solid construction make this seat a unique product in this category on the market.






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Space saving
Thanks to their form of a wall seat without legs, our products are perfect for narrow passageways and escape routes, leaving enough space for the flow of people.

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Easy to keep order
The minimalist design of our wall seats makes it easier to keep public spaces tidy, eliminating the need to clean under or around them.


Compliance with safety regulations
They are an ideal solution for places where traditional seats cannot be used for fire protection reasons. Their small size allows for installation along evacuation corridors and waiting rooms.


Aesthetics and universality
The simple, minimalist design makes our wall-mounted chairs fit into a variety of interiors and adds elegance and functionality to them, making them a unique product on the market.

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